The negative ions benefits by Amélie-Paul

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Posted on January 11th, 2021 by Amelie-Paul

More and more information sources confirm the NEGATIVE IONS benefits on well-being.

According to her, negative ion supplementation for the body was part of good medical practice in the past.

The next newsletter will explain why the conduction rods are made from copper.


Amelie-Paul is a multitasking woman with an impressive CV including a naturopathic training. This irreducible Quebecker expresses a strong and denouncing message with a thorny and sympathetic humor. An intelligent, kind-hearted woman who successfully contributes to raise awareness through her critical gaze on events. She offers to her audience a diversified form of journalism that appeals to common sense.


French original video:



But paradoxically, we all know that a trip to the south of the country is great for one’s immune system. It helps release tension, soak up the sun and get a healthy dose of vitamin D, essential for one’s immune system, but also breathe in all the precious and abundant negative ions produced by the waves of saline water breaking on shore.

In the 19th century, seaside trips were prescribed by doctors to their patients suffering from chronic fatigue, neuralgia, pain, depression, tuberculosis, as well as various respiratory illnesses since sea air offers numerous health benefits.

Now, politics is bent on making us believe that this is no longer true in 2020 and that empty-headed tourists coming back from a seaside vacation are highly dangerous and potentially contagious. And yet, we are the ones being exposed to harmful positive ions as we live in polluted cities, housebound in front of our tv and computer screens. Positive ions generate fatigue, headaches, irritability, mood disorders and other unpleasant symptoms.

Knowing this, it’s all the clearer why we feel infinitely better at the beach on a dry weather day rather than locked in front of a screen in an air-conditioned office.

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