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General effects of negative ions:

Benefits observed when using the ionizing bath:

Relief from



It is important to note that the benefits of this alternative technology are varied, unpredictable, progressive, and cumulative. It is, therefore, necessary to be attentive to the subtle transformations that take place in oneself during and after each session. The benefits listed above have not been proven or demonstrated by conventional medical science. Instead, they have been observed and compiled using numerous relevant testimonials received from our users.

Principle of operation:

The operation of the ion bath is quite simple. It boils down to supplementing the body with negative ions to feed free electrons to each of the billions of cells that require a regular supply of bioelectricity to live. This body ionization process restores the bioelectrical balance of the overall metabolism and optimizes osmotic exchanges between the external and internal fluids of the cells. This type of supplementation improves the permeability of cell membranes by stimulating their surface electrical potential. Thus, the metabolic activities of cells, organs, and all body systems are facilitated. This results in the beneficial clearing of fluids as well as profound stimulation of blood and lymphatic microcirculation, leading to better performance of the emunctories like the kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs.

The electric potential of cell membranes:

In 2003, two American scientists, Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of an ion channel system within cell membranes. This system produces electrical signals capable of sorting passages through cell membranes using membrane proteins or aquaporins. This understanding of the structure and function of these selective valves, which manage incoming and outgoing through the cell wall, allows us to better understand the principle of osmosis, which allows cells to communicate with their environment. Additionally, the electrical potential measured at the surface of most cells in the body has been shown to range between 15 mV for a dying cell and 90 mV for a vigorous, fully functioning cell. The ionization sessions thus help to restore a more adequate body bioelectricity, resulting in the improvement of cell regeneration, hydration of deeper tissues, alkalinization of fluids, overall detoxification, and immune functions.

Bioelectrical exchanges are fundamental and essential to all biological life. Since each living organism has a vital and subtle etheric biofield, it is important for anyone seeking well-being to know and consider these notions. Science has clearly demonstrated that the human body must constantly feed on free electrons carried by negative ions suspended in the air. These essential nutrients, which are invisible and odorless, and penetrate exclusively through the skin and the lungs, are created and concentrated abundantly in the natural external environments where the air circulates freely. However, the more the ambient air is denatured, treated, recirculated, polluted, heated, or air-conditioned, the fewer negative ions it contains in favor of the more harmful positive ions. These more artificial environments then become indigestible for the body and have the effect of greatly compromising the overall vitality and health state of an individual living or working in these closed environments. Unfortunately, these harmful and devitalizing places are omnipresent in our modern societies, especially during the winter season.

In such a case, it is very useful to make regular use of an ionizing bath to reproduce the benefits felt by walking barefoot in the morning dew, staying by the seaside, breathing the hyper-ionized air near a waterfall, or walking in the forest or the mountains. This feeling of lightness, mental calm, and inner peace is favored by the assimilation of billions of ionized water molecules in the body. For the majority of new users, this deep sense of well-being, accompanied by a pleasant, energetic freshness, can be reproduced from the first ionic sessions. However, do not delude yourself and expect instant miracles. It is necessary to plan with a certain regularity and perhaps even make some small changes in bad lifestyle habits to more easily achieve the desired objectives. Indeed, well-established ailments and illnesses sometimes compel us to do things differently, try new alternative approaches, and educate ourselves outside the beaten path of societal norms.

In the basin of warm and slightly saline water, the ionic cartridge carries out water electrolysis using an electric current established between the anode and the cathode. They are made of conductive metal to saturate the water with OH- ions and release microbubbles of gas in the form of hydrogen. The negatively ionized molecules then discharge their free electrons to the skin immersed in water. Thus, free electrons gradually enter the body via the nervous system via reflex zones or acupuncture points. As a result, a harmless and normal electrical resonance occurs in the water at start-up and also a few times during the session, especially when using the triangular ionizer. However, this sensation can vary greatly from one user to the next. In addition, it is possible to experience some emotional releases or spontaneous energy releases after an ionic session by the feet or by the hands.

Explanation of water colors:

The residues formed in the pool water during the ionic session are mainly created by the generator’s metal plates, which interact by oxidation with the water’s natural minerals and the added salt to increase its electrical conductivity. A little less than 20% of the total waste present in the water is of organic origin, knowing that the toxins are mainly eliminated by natural methods during the 3 days of rest between each session. Indeed, the primary goal of this technology is to globally supplement the body with precious negative ions, not to purge it of its toxins only through a patch of skin and only for the duration of the session. The famous residual colors and textures observed in the pool water differ from one user to another and depend on several operating criteria. It is therefore difficult to interpret them with certainty or to draw precise conclusions. Here is, however, an overview of this popular and controversial color chart supplied with most ionic baths on the market today.

For several decades, the electrolytic bath has constantly gained popularity and quickly gained the trust of those who try it, even the most skeptical. However, the lack of relevant scientific information made available by the designers of the devices and the greed of several careless traveling dealers have somewhat tarnished the reputation of this wonderful technology. In addition, mainly Chinese manufacturers offer devices of poor quality, sometimes even dangerous, and without guarantees. VITALAXION is putting all its heart, will, and expertise into action to correct this situation. These holistic alternative approaches have many merits and have shown us the full extent of their capabilities by contributing to the well-being of several thousand users. Even if we have collected many relevant testimonies for several years, it is still interesting to consult the experiments of a more scientific nature supervised by our team in the following section.

Relevant tests and analyses:

Commonly called “live blood analysis” or “nutritional microscopy”, this approach consists of taking a drop of blood from the fingertip before placing it, without dye or solvent, between a slide and a coverslip under a powerful microscope. This allows us to examine, using a monitor, the blood sample magnified more than 1,000 times to observe the size, shape, and concentration of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, parasites, etc. The visual characteristics of the constituents can thus be interpreted and compared to have a very significant global portrait of what is happening microscopically within the fluids.

Live blood analysis before and after 14 ionic sessions using high-resolution dark field microscopy reveals important changes in the visual characteristics of red blood cells. The “rouleaux” formations or clumping observed initially have been replaced by better-formed and more distant red blood cells. As a result, blood and lymphatic fluids are less viscous, allowing better microcirculation throughout the body. In addition, since the peripheral surfaces of cell membranes are more exposed and accessible, absorption and transfer of nutrients, as well as hydration and absorption of cellular oxygen, are naturally optimized.



  Red blood cells


In addition, we have verified the effect of the ion bath on the so-called more subtle energies of the human being with a biofeedback device that measures and detects unconscious physiological parameters to visualize them using a computer. Indeed, Kirlian photography, a technique imported from the former USSR, consists in photographing certain ethereal fields present around all forms of life. The following comparative results show us the vitalizing effect caused by the ionic sessions following the execution of a complete 3-month protocol. Surprisingly, the physical body is a complex organic envelope inhabited and animated by the divine being that we are, and this is well documented by ancestral sciences and also by more modern quantum science, even if this knowledge is sometimes wrongly judged as mythical and eccentric.

The 3-in-1 VitalBody concept is unique and very special because it includes a combination of universal vibration and inducing tools. These promote better integration of the higher frequencies interconnected to the energy networks of the body. Indeed, this device emits telluric waves in the water of the basin to strengthen the link with the earthly consciousness, and it also contains some numerical sequences of Grabovoî and sacred geometric symbols carefully selected to harmonize the circulation of vital and subtle energies when using it. In a way, VITALAXION has put consciousness into science by creating a personal development tool capable of cleaning up the body while promoting vibrational elevation and opening of consciousness of its user.


Important notes:

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