Can we do an ionizing bath session daily?

No, it is not recommended to ionize too frequently. It is necessary to let the body filter and eliminate toxins adequately with a break of two to three days between each session to find a new biological balance.

Why is sea salt added to the pool water?

To increase its electrical conductivity and thus facilitate the water hydrolysis process necessary to produce negative ions in the pool.

Why do we use hot water during a session?

Hot water dilates skin pores, which facilitates ion absorption as well as toxin evacuation from the body during the session.

After how many sessions can the benefits appear?

Various factors affect the speed and intensity of the beneficial effects experienced. For some, the benefits will be very quick, and for others, it will take much longer.

Why do I feel electricity and itching in the pool water?

During the water hydrolysis process, the passage of a weak electric current inside the ionizing cartridge can tingle the skin, especially at the level of some acupuncture points connected to energetically unbalanced meridians. In addition, users with highly acidified bodies are more likely to experience intense itchy skin or unpleasant but harmless electrical sensations during the session. 

Is there a risk of dangerous electric shock during the ion bath?

No. The device has automatic protection that stops the session when the level of electricity exceeds the safety level. In addition, there is no danger of feet or hands touching the ion generator.

Why do some users have bulges in their feet after a session?

This is common and caused by an accumulation of lymphatic fluids that were previously present and retained in the tissues. It will dissipate within hours after the end of the session.

Are there aesthetic effects to this method of detoxifying?

Age spots and wrinkles are, among other things, are caused by a long period of accumulation of toxins and acidity, and tissue dehydration. Periodic sessions combined with good hydration help the skin regain its radiance, elasticity, and natural texture. In addition, we often notice an improvement in apparent cellulite, a better shine in the eyes, and the regrowth of lost hair.

Why does the water change color even if there is no user?

The water’s natural minerals, added salt and metal from the generator electrodes, oxidize and degrade to form visible impurities in the basin. These inorganic particles are easily rinsed off, while the organic waste evacuated by perspiration is generally greasier and stickier.

What is a negative ion?

There are two types of ions. Those with a positive residual electric charge (+) are called cations, and those with a negative residual electric charge (-) are called anions. The latter is the most-sought after for its alkalizing and antioxidant effect caused by its free electrons.

Where are negative ions found?

Everywhere in nature, but especially in the forest, in the mountains, by the sea, or near a waterfall, and that is, among other things, why we feel so good there.

Is it normal not to feel the frequencies of the Zapper?

Yes, these frequencies are aimed at parasites and are generally imperceptible to most users. The 15 Hz frequency is an exception, as its slower oscillating signal is easier to detect by the nervous system.

Are there serious or permanent side effects?

No, these gentle, non-invasive, and respectful technologies essentially act through the skin and produce no permanent harmful side effects on the body. This process is quite safe, relaxing, and effective.

Are there temporary or transient side effects?

See the next section to better answer this question.

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