For the more curious, I strongly suggest reading the books below. We have extracted the full summary or a few relevant passages, sometimes freely translated. These informative documents have been written by knowledgeable specialists in their respective fields of expertise. These excellent sources of information, supported by rigorous tests and a multitude of scientific references, aim to make their readers aware of the inerrant dangers of acidifying, intoxicating, and parasitic metabolic surpluses. For individuals in search of well-being, these experts clearly expose the many virtues of negative ions or antiparasitic frequencies capable of initiating a process of vitalization and sanitation of the body that is generally too unbalanced, deficient, or overloaded.

THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES: With several case reports

Dr. Hulda R. Clark, independent researcher, Canadian naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine.

“A special form of electricity can be used to kill invading pests and hostile microorganisms in minutes using Zapper technology. Clark claims that all cancers and many diseases are caused by pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, and organic pollutants. According to this woman, it is simply necessary to kill the parasites at all their stages of evolution and to cleanse the body in depth so that it is better.

Decades ago, this pioneer invented and introduced the Parasite Zapper as a medical alternative with the help of her book “The Cure for All Diseases” published in 1995. Since then, this device has seen a huge rise in popularity thanks to the extensive research presented and compelling results obtained. These specific frequencies would be able to quickly and effectively rid the human body of a multitude of parasites, bacteria, mites, viruses, growths, fungi, and roundworms.”

IONISATION SANTÉ-VITALITÉ: Les bienfaits des ions négatifs (French book)

Dr. Hervé Robert, is a nutritionist, a specialist in medical communication, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, and a fervent defender of prevention.

“Negative ion supplementation is not a superfluous luxury, but a necessity, a vital requirement, intended to ensure the permanence and respect of the fundamental mechanisms of life. Negative ionization and its beneficial effects on the human body remain scandalously unknown.

Negative ions are mainly oxygen ions, and it is on their presence in sufficient quantity in our environment that our well-being depends. It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen.

P. Berthelon declares that electrical hygiene and electrical therapy are new sciences whose importance cannot be doubted. It has been clearly demonstrated that negative ions have a real beneficial effect on the human organism. A historian of science might also be surprised that it took so long to make this known, given the age of the discoveries and research work.

The German submarines, during the Second World War, were equipped with devices producing negative ions since the first effects of an ionic deficiency are the loss of vitality and chronic fatigue.

Negative ions have a positive effect on animals, plants, and insects. They destroy germs and fungi and stimulate cell reproduction. These observations make it difficult to invoke the placebo effect to explain the results obtained.

Negative ions act favorably on the level of serotonin, the endocrine glands, the Krebs cycle, tissue oxygenation, the vegetative nervous system, and cellular exchanges. Excellent energizing food for athletes, the elderly, the sick, and anyone looking for well-being.”

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THE HAPPINESS EFFECT: The positive benefits of negative ions

Dr. Earl Mindellis, a Pharmacist, Physician, University Professor, author of over 20 best-selling books, and a world-renowned expert in nutrition, medications, vitamins, and natural remedies.

“There are simple and tiny elements in nature that we encounter on a daily basis and yet have extraordinary power. These elements are negative ions, and they can improve general well-being, provide an energy boost, allow better sleep, lower blood pressure, and relieve asthma, allergies, and other diseases.

Since Nikola Tesla’s research in 1900 which made the healing properties of negative ions known, countless studies have come to support these discoveries and teach us more about these formidable electrically charged particles.”


Rosalind Tan is a teacher turned alternative health researcher, educator, and entrepreneur.

“This is a practical and informative book that reveals the truth about the healing power of nature’s cool, electrified air and how it can be harnessed for the healing of body and mind. This book teaches us that we are the result of what we absorb into our bodies, including the air we breathe.

It’s an illuminating discussion of how tiny electrical charges in the air can make or break a person’s health. Evidence from scientific research and medical case studies around the world is presented in terms that anyone can understand, and tends to prove that the electricity of the air has a profound effect on all living things.

This book describes many common physical and mental health problems we face in the 21st century: stress, insomnia, asthma, allergies, depression, anxiety, infertility, learning difficulties in children, etc. It also shows the connection that these symptoms have with the electricity of the air deteriorated by pollution and other factors of the industrialized world.”

LES OXIONS: Comment améliorer votre santé sans drogues ni médicaments grâce aux vitamines de l'air (French book)

Dr. Jacques Métadier, pharmacist and medical doctor, former professor of medical and biological physics at the Faculty of Medicine of Tours in 1984.

“Since the earliest times, we have known the influence that certain meteorological or climatic conditions exert on us and on other living beings. We recognize the discomfort caused by stormy weather, certain winds, a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure, seasonal changes, confined air, and air conditioning.

On the other hand, we also know the feeling of well-being felt in the forest, at medium altitudes, on the beach, after the rain, in the shower, etc. These influences, which until now have remained mysterious, are now scientifically well explained, and we now understand much better their important consequences on our health and well-being. It is about the electrical quality of the air we breathe and the supply of negative ions received by the body, which today, thanks to technology, can be done at home!”

THE ION EFFECT: Revolutionary discoveries reveal that electrically charged particles in the air may control your moods, health, and sense of well-being

Fred Soyka was physically ill and moody until a doctor suggested there was something electrical in the air that might be responsible. “Negative ions regulate levels of serotonin, a neurohormone that can cause insomnia, nightmares, mental, emotional, and psychological stress, anxiety, and depression. Relief of these conditions is thus observed by supplementation with negative ions. Dr. Stark states that the surrounding and naturally ubiquitous ionization is comparable to the water in which a fish swims: without it, it cannot survive. Negative ions, essential for the creation and maintenance of all forms of life, are an integral part of biological activity. Scientists have never found that an overdose of negative ions has done anything other than keep you more awake, more active, and more functional throughout the day. In 1977, there were already about 5,000 documented scientific experiments supporting the conclusion that an overdose of positive ions is bad for the human organism, while supplementation of negative ions seems to be favorable to well-being. Russian Olympic-level athletes amazed the world with their sporting achievements and had a special training weapon unknown to other countries. Today, we believe that weapon was negative ion supplementation. Some researchers claim that negative ions, without any other treatment, are able to cure asthma and bronchitis attacks faster and more effectively than drugs and antibiotics. In 1975, a German doctor had already treated more than 11,000 individuals with negative ion therapy. Some Brazilian hospitals use negative ion devices for the treatment of respiratory problems and to relieve allergies. Nearly 60% of North Americans who live and work in urban areas suffer from positive ion poisoning. Specifically, drivers of road vehicles are more significantly affected by this deficiency in negative ions.”

RIKA ZARAÎ: Mes secrets naturels pour guérir et réussir (French book)

Rika Zaraï, best-selling author and renowned pioneer of natural health.

“Negative ions reduce nervousness, stress, and anxiety. They, therefore, allow a better, deeper, and more restorative sleep. They are essential to relieve fatigue, improve reflexes, and increase speed and endurance. In short, they also help to improve our physical performance. These thin the blood and oxygenate it, which facilitates its circulation and improves mental processes.

The energy of negative ions never ceases to amaze us. Yogis call it Prana or the bioelectric energy of the air. We are only beginning to measure the full extent of its benefits. The flu, sore throats, colds, asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis improve, oxygenation is infinitely better, and the hypothalamus and adrenals are invigorated.

Like everything in the universe, we run on electricity. Changes in the intensity of this electricity, therefore, affect our behavior. Each of our billions of cells needs this electrical energy to function. The engineer Pierre Fluchaire believes that the insufficiency of negative ions or the excess of harmful positive ions in large cities is a cause of aggressiveness and violence.

Eminent researchers, such as Tchijewsky, Sokoloff, and the Frenchman Jacques Métadier, have formally established the danger represented by an excess of positive ions, as well as the benefits provided by negative ions which lead to a certain psychic and physical euphoria, allowing a good sleep and rejuvenate the body.

No organism can stay alive without the supply of negative ions. Without them, one can die of asphyxiation since oxygen does not enter the body, which then becomes engorged with acidic and toxic metabolic waste. The effectiveness of the immune system is compromised.”

ALKALIZE OR DIE: Superior health through acid-base balance

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), Doctor of Neuropathy (N.D.), Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition (Ph.D.), Certified Nutrition Consultant (C.N.C.), and Certified Acupuncture (I.A.M.A.).

The number of diseases does not matter; what matters is that they come from the same root, which is the acid loss in the tissues. As the world faces the greatest health crisis in history, Dr. Baroody’s research provides evidence that disease is directly linked to body acidosis.”

CANCER IS A FUNGUS: A Revolution in Tumor Therapy

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, is a Roman physician, specializing in oncology treating cancers and tumors, diabetology, and metabolic disorders.

“When the body has a lot of toxins, the immune system is damaged or destroyed, but when the immune system is strong, cancer cells are destroyed, thus the formation and multiplication of tumors is prevented. Cancer cells hate an oxygenated environment and grow better in an acidic environment deficient in oxygen. Acidity then becomes the disease of the millennium.

This book describes how a fungal infection always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation, which then tries to spread throughout the organism without stopping. The growth of fungal colonies, accompanied by the reaction of the tissue which tries to defend itself against the invasion, would be the cause of the tumors. It is a simple and uniquely extracellular phenomenon. According to him, there is only one cause of cancer: Candida.”

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