Beware of ubiquitous toxic chemicals

Dear customer!The vast majority of so-called "body care products" (perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, creams, etc.) are toxic and very dangerous to the body. The same applies to household products, food additives, non-medicinal ingredients added to so-called natural supplements, room fragrances, chemical incense, etc.Be vigilant and avoid buying and using…
by | July 15, 2023

Body health is related to cell’s voltage

Dear customer!Science is making giant strides and gradually disclosing information about the role and importance of bioelectricity present in our body machine. We can now measure and consider the cellular voltage linked to the level of free electrons contained in the body as being intimately linked to the general state…
by | July 10, 2023

Injurious elements to health

Nowadays, bodily sanitation is a must to minimize the destructive effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor hygiene harms the overall vitality and fragile metabolic balance of cells, organs, and body systems and is prone to developing various health disorders. It is, therefore, crucial to better understand the influence of the…
by | June 28, 2023

Why cleanse the body ?

Acidity, toxins, calcareous sedimentation, stones, worms, and pathogenic parasites lodge in the body and can damage or exhaust it, resulting in unpleasant symptoms and significant dysfunctions. Some experts estimate that more than 80% of the human population suffers from various symptoms related to the excessive presence of pathogenic microorganisms. An…
by | June 1, 2023

Body detox helps the ascension process

Dear customer!There are several channeled messages that strongly suggest that we cleanse our bodies to promote and accompany our vibratory elevation. Bodies are currently undergoing a transformation and the return to global health requires an evolution of consciousness and an improvement of our behaviors. Cellular ionization promotes metabolic bio-dynamization, which…
by | May 21, 2023

New discovery about far Infrared benefits

Dear customer!Today I would like to share with you some important discoveries about infrared. As you will discover in the video, I am forwarding to you, exposure to far infrared frequencies helps to produce more subcellular melatonin. And this melatonin is an extremely powerful antioxidant for all cells in the…
by | May 10, 2023
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