Body detox helps the ascension process

17 MAY 2023

There are several channeled messages that strongly suggest that we cleanse our bodies to promote and accompany our vibratory elevation. Bodies are currently... Read More →

New discovery about far Infrared benefits

20 APRIL 2023

Today I would like to share with you some important discoveries about infrared. As you will discover in the video, I am forwarding to you, exposure to far infrared frequencies... Read More →

New cleaner for ionizers

20 APRIL 2023

We now offer this new product to effectively dissolve rust buildup on metal parts inside ionizing cartridges. In addition, powdered citric acid offers the following advantages... Read More →

Recharge the body’s batteries with electrons

20 APRIL 2023

Recharge your reserves of free electrons with the ionic detox footbath. Negative ions provide the body with free electrons which are in fact essential elements for the proper... Read More →

The detoxifying ionic bath to the rescue of the vaccinated

20 MARCH 2023

According to Dr. Ana Mihalcea, in an interview with Stew Peters, detoxifying ion baths are advised and used in their protocol of decontamination of people injected for Covid... Read More →

Official launch of VITALAXION

01 FEBRUARY 2023

After two years of obstacles, challenges, and hard work, and from now on, here is the new brand image that will replace the ECODETOX brand. I strongly encourage you to browse through the new website which contains a lot of new information, along with useful updates for our existing customers. Read More →

XMAS PROMO and end-of-year message

05 DECEMBER 2022

It is our pleasure to offer you this 10% DISCOUNT (applicable code = PROMO-10%) on your online purchases from December 1 to 31, 2022. Take advantage, at the same time, of the 2022 prices as some will be... Read More →

The negative ions benefits by Amélie-Paul

12 APRIL 2021

Watch this short and relevant video excerpt (2m33s to 3m36s) Posted on January 11th, 2021 by Amelie-Paul.. Read More →

Detoxifying Ionic Bath Effects On Nanoparticles (Nanites)!

30 MARCH 2021

Watch this short and relevant video clip (14m:46s à 16m:35s) Posted on March 3, 2021 by EldoRa & Siman More and more influencers confirm the importance of DETOX According to him, an ionic bath could deactivate NANOBOTS!!! Their messages are addressed to awakened humans who are aware of their spiritual... Read More →

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