Injurious elements to health

Nowadays, bodily sanitation is a must to minimize the destructive effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor hygiene harms the overall vitality and fragile metabolic balance of cells, organs, and body systems and is prone to developing various health disorders. It is, therefore, crucial to better understand the influence of the factors below to avoid soiling the biological system with undesirable accumulations.

Endogenous and exogenous toxins:

Humans can accumulate endogenous toxins produced internally in stressful situations or following physical exertion. Exogenous toxins, on the other hand, come from external sources such as air, water, food, personal hygiene products, etc. To better understand the impacts of this phenomenon, I strongly recommend the documentary Homo Toxicus. When cellular vitality sags, problems tend to surface. Indeed, the body’s capacities for elimination, defense, and adaptation become insufficient in the face of the devastating effects of toxins. Over time, these generalized overloads provide a favorable environment for the proliferation of parasitic pathogens, fungi, and yeasts. This causes a disruption of the precious immune defenses and general exhaustion.


It is essential to provide the body with a large quantity of pure and fresh water daily to support its natural elimination mechanisms. Thus, it contributes to all of its biological functions. However, the assimilation of the water you consume by deeper tissues can be compromised by an overly acidified and overloaded metabolic state, weakening the capacity for osmotic absorption at a cellular level. We will see how negative ion supplementation can help this situation in this manual. For more information on the importance of good hydration, I suggest the book “Your Body Needs Water” written by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, and published by Jouvence.

Electromagnetic pollution:

Environmental electromagnetic smog is invisible, damaging, and very harmful to human beings. Even though this pollution is very lightly regulated and rarely publicized, a multitude of independent studies criticizes it. The body itself is a complex system of biochemical reactions, electrical impulses, and magnetic fields, vulnerable to outside influences of this kind. Unfortunately, in our immediate environment, the sources of electromagnetic pollution are many and increasingly powerful. The most important ones are electrical distribution networks, radio waves, telephone relay antennas (3G, 4G, 5G), mobile phones (GSM), cordless phones (DECT), wireless networks (Wlan, Wi-Fi, and WiMax), Bluetooth, so-called ‘‘smart electricity’’ meters, and more. This vicious and ubiquitous type of wave pollution produces the effect of permanent and cumulative oxidative stress capable of quickly depleting our precious stocks of glutathione and antioxidants necessary for proper body function.

The living environment:

The harmful impacts of a home or a workplace on the well-being of the people who stay there are numerous and can be the source of many ailments, discomforts, and diseases. The harmful impacts of a home or a workplace on the well-being of the people who stay there are numerous and can be the source of many ailments, discomforts, and diseases. Construction materials, manufacturing methods, indoor air quality, sources of electromagnetic pollution present, as well as the geobiology of the place and the environment will have to be reviewed considerably in the near future.

Emotions and thoughts:

This more subtle factor can have an impact on the main energy networks that maintain and support the biological balance of humans. If poorly controlled. If poorly controlled, these behavioral stressors are registered as blockages in the subtle bodies and memories in the body’s cells. They are capable of easily causing simple pain and even complex illnesses. Dr. Hamer’s new medicine has highlighted the mechanism of serious conflict shock, which manifests itself simultaneously at the psychic, cerebral, and organic levels. This mechanism underlies the development of diseases and cancers. In other words, any symptomatic imbalance would be the physical manifestation of an energetic disharmony generated by trauma.

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