Can be used on its own, with the ionizing bath, or with the Zapper.

The 3-in-1 VitalBody set includes, by default, this practical and exceptional infrared belt that can be used at will and without any contraindications. It is a uniquely designed strip heater that meets our strict manufacturing requirements.

General effects of far infrared:

Technical advantages of the belt:

Principle of operation:

Sunlight is made up of a wide range of electromagnetic waves, the most beneficial of which are those near the red light spectrum. Far infrared radiation is a special type of light invisible to humans, but it is felt in the form of gentle, radiant heat capable of penetrating deep under the skin, down to the hypodermis. These waves are also permanently emitted by the body itself, which makes it very receptive to them. It is therefore prone to recognize them and absorb them in return. When heated, the high mountain bamboo charcoal contained in the belt emits beneficial waves, capable of deeply warming body tissues in the targeted skin area. These relaxing waves have the main effect of increasing blood and lymphatic circulation under the skin by dilating the capillaries. This greatly promotes toxin evacuation, water penetration, nutrient absorption, tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation, the elimination of certain pathogens, and local inflammation reduction.

Important notes:

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