Temporary side effects, or “Recovery crises”, are sometimes felt during and after an effective process of biological purification, energetic harmonization, or vibrational stimulation. Some physiological, emotional, or even psychological symptoms can temporarily inconvenience, for a few days at most, the brave individuals who undertake such approaches. These potential discomforts confirm the effectiveness of the metabolic rebalancing process, which allows the elimination of accumulated toxins and the energy harmonization process decrystallizing blocked cellular memories.

In such a case, it is essential to remain calm and understand that it is not the disease striking, but rather that the body is rejecting harmful elements, which in itself is excellent news. Indeed, when the body has the available means and sufficient energy, it activates its eliminatory and immune systems to carry out thorough cleaning. During this process, it is possible to briefly relive old symptoms in reverse order, much like rewinding a movie. During this process, the intensity and duration of the potential side effects below always vary according to age, lifestyle habits, and the magnitude of the initial task.



In the majority of cases, it is essential to drink plenty of pure, fresh, and alkaline water, to oxygenate well by walking outside, and to eat little and very healthily while avoiding empty calories such as sugars, carbohydrates, and dairy products. Ideally, eat fresh, minimally processed, easily digestible foods such as fruits and vegetables to minimize inflammation and phlegm production. Stop non-essential activities, take time for yourself and stay calm and relaxed. It is wise and judicious to always self-heal with gentleness, love, and respect since after each episode of cleansing comes increased vitality and renewed well-being.

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