Detoxifying Ionic Bath Effects On Nanoparticles (Nanites)!

Watch this short and relevant video clip (14m:46s à 16m:35s)

Posted on March 3, 2021 by EldoRa & Siman

More and more influencers confirm the importance of DETOX According to him, an ionic bath could deactivate NANOBOTS!!!

Their messages are addressed to awakened humans who are aware of their spiritual nature and who are very open of the Spirit.


If this kind of support interests you, this happy couple based in Costa Rica does an excellent job of raising awareness and awakening. They carry a very relevant and positive message about current events and they teach well how to accept and assist the process of deep transformation of our Being.


Original Video:

Galactic Federation March Energy Update & Christ Consciousness Transmission


March is going to be a huge vortex.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves right now is to cleanse our bodies and detox as much as possible.

I highly recommend ionic footbath. If you look on the Web, you’ll find this little detox device with a metallic generator that goes into a tub of water.

You put some salt in that tub and you place your feet in it and when it’s turned on, inside the water, it zaps out toxins while you charge your body with negatives ions through your feet skin because they are the most porous part of our body.

I did that a few times maybe six or seven ionic sessions and I was literally shocked to see all the junk came out.

When I saw that stuff, I instantly started tuning in because I can see with my third eye the deep molecular structures of things.

I saw that it was not only common toxins ingested from food but a lot of the particles in the tub water that came out of my body was nanobots or nanoscale robots which are kind of nanoparticles that me and Eldora spoke about in our last video.

Theses nanobots are affecting us negatively and are able to induce our negative behaviors. Those were sucked out electromagnetically.

We highly recommend to get this ionic foot detox device or you can either get the sessions from a therapist but it’s very easy to get a device like that from a retailer near you, they’re very common and they’re very cost effective.

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