Body health is related to cell’s voltage

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Science is making giant strides and gradually disclosing information about the role and importance of bioelectricity present in our body machine. We can now measure and consider the cellular voltage linked to the level of free electrons contained in the body as being intimately linked to the general state of health. We believe that the medical treatments of the future will not be chemical but rather technological in nature.

I am providing you with a brief excerpt (5m30s to 6m07s) from a publication by Dr. Tennant on this topic:



…Eventually, I realized that the only difference between optimum performance and death was voltage. The human body is an electronic device, and each organ is its own battery charge. As I’ll demonstrate, each cell is designed to operate at -25 millivolts, and repairing them requires -50 millivolts. So, allow me to state this once more. Lack of voltage to that organ system defines all chronic diseases…

François Denis

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