An earphone with built-in microphone for cell phone.

Preserve your body with this protective device against the electromagnetic fields emitted by your cell phone. This VitalBrain is indeed the most advanced EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) protection available on the market. Thanks to its built-in air tube, it is not only free from harmful radiation to your head, but also offers excellent sound quality.

Conventional or hands-free headphones are equipped with dynamic capsules that generate and transmit through the ear, directly to the head, harmful and disruptive magnetic radiation (electro-smog). Among the symptoms that have been observed, we note: skin redness, tinnitus, ear pain, cranial pressure, dizziness, headaches, nervousness, feeling of warmth, insomnia, oxidative stress and much more.

This new technological device with a narrow air tube will block the radiation transmitted by your portable device. Your head will be protected and almost all of the previously listed unwanted side effects will be eliminated. The VitalBrain is therefore ideal for electro-sensitive people or any health-conscious cell phone user concerned about the dangers of EMFs.

Eliminates disruptive and dangerous Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF).

Extremely durable air tube with a soft acoustic sound.

High quality speaker with clear, crisp sound.

Receive / End call button with HQ built-in microphone.

3.5mm common connector.

Use the full potential of your cell phone without adverse effects.



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