The detoxifying ionic bath to the rescue of the vaccinated

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Posted on 13 March 2023 by Lux Media

According to Dr. Ana Mihalcea, in an interview with Stew Peters, detoxifying ion baths are advised and used in their protocol of decontamination of people injected for Covid, to remove graphene oxide and certain other toxic and harmful elements to metabolism.

Excerpt from Lux Media video (French)

Original interview with Stew Peters 


So I use EDTA chelation, the EDTA cream, with a full nutritional supplementation, with an alkaline diet, with other supplements like humic and fulvic acid. I make sure we have nitric oxide, so our microbiome can detox graphene. There are multiple things like that, such as high-dose vitamin C. Anything that can help counteract this electrical assault: ionized foot baths, sauna, whatever we can do…We have cultured from vaccinated people who have done an ionized foot bath, the water. We have observed it under the microscope to see how this artificial synthetic biology grows. It continues to grow outside of the body and there are certain things that increase its growth. For example, red wine increases the growth of synthetic biology. While nanoparticular gold, as shown by David Nixon, appears to dissolve it. So that is also part of the protocol. It is a combination, but we have to examine everything… In my practice, I also use anti-aging peptides like epithalon, which helps to repair the heart, repairs autonomic dysfunction, repairs brain fog. This has been very helpful because it is clear that there is an induced process that is all about accelerated aging here.

François Denis
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