Official launch of VITALAXION

Dear Customer!

After two years of obstacles, challenges, and hard work, and from now on, here is the new brand image that will replace the ECODETOX brand. I strongly encourage you to browse through the new website which contains a lot of new information, along with useful updates for our existing customers. The site needed fresh content, upgraded aesthetics, and modernized WordPress technology. Furthermore, we now own the three most important domain names (.com, .ca, and .fr), which was not previously the case. 


Please take note of our new email address and add it to your address book to ensure that we are not routed to your SPAM folder. Our past communications were often rerouted there because of the word “DETOX”, which is now banned by email filters and online search algorithms.


Please note our new YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to it, because the old channel (ECODETOX Technologies) will be closed. This way, you will be able to receive all our future videos, since we will be designing and publishing more informative capsules at our customers’ request.

Follow our new Facebook page and don’t forget to subscribe because the old ECODETOX page will be closed.


Founded in 2008, by two former associates and me, ECODETOX has come a long way in the past 15 years. It took a lot of courage, insight, willpower, determination, and tolerance to promote our devices, upsetting the medical and pharmaceutical authorities who have no problem generating obstacles, controversy, and media disinformation. Nevertheless, we believe we are succeeding in our mission to support a movement of awakening and awareness to improve our modern lifestyle individually and collectively and to find effective solutions promoting better physical, moral and energetic well-being.

Indeed, it is much easier today to create interest in our products than it was 15 years ago because there were fewer conscious people at that time. Now, it is much more frequent to add to our customer base a multitude of professionals, including doctors, nurses, and various therapists, as well as relaxation, aesthetic, or massage centers. Interest in our products and expertise is growing, and that’s why we have chosen to launch a large-scale online marketing campaign soon with this new, more refined, and better-fitting company name.

For the past two years (2021 and 2022), we have been absent from trade shows and conferences to focus on this task and also to step back and avoid the heavy sanitary measures required at these events. It will be possible to see us again at public events in the next few years, but everything depends on the fragile social and economic context we are heading towards.

I would like to warmly thank all those who have contributed to the success of ECODETOX and who have helped us offer sessions publicly, promote our technologies, spread our teachings and promote our expertise. Thank you also to all of our valued customers who have provided us with sufficient financial prosperity to continue our business activities.

ECODETOX is emerging from its chrysalis as VITALAXION toward a new beginning, a new adventure that I hope will be as exciting as the previous one.

We are also using this opportunity to wish you a wonderful year 2023.

François Denis

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