New discovery about far Infrared benefits

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Today I would like to share with you some important discoveries about infrared. As you will discover in the video, I am forwarding to you, exposure to far infrared frequencies helps to produce more subcellular melatonin. And this melatonin is an extremely powerful antioxidant for all cells in the body! You will understand the importance of our Far Infrared Heating Belt in relieving pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, stress levels, and much more…

Watch this short and relevant video clip from Dr. Berg (6m21s to 8m38s)



…The largest stimulus of this intracellular melatonin is near infrared (aka) the sun. Certain wavelengths of the sun will stimulate the melatonin inside the cells and darkness will stimulate the melatonin within the circulatory system in the pineal gland. In fact, over 50 percent of the sun’s energy is infrared and this goes way beyond the benefit of getting vitamin D from the sun. You ever notice why when you sit in front of a campfire you feel so relaxed and you probably sleep a lot better because natural fire gives off infrared. Campfires are very therapeutic. Why you might feel very relaxed if there’s candles around the house? Infrared. When you use incandescent lights, the lights that have been around since the 1800s, the type of light that’s generated from a heating filament versus led which uses a completely different technology. Incandescent lights give off infrared and unfortunately the entire industry is moving away from incandescent lights. We have moved into the area of artificial lights like led blue lights, computer, cell phone…. In fact, there is a very interesting study which i’ll put a link down below that demonstrates children in predominantly artificial light end up having a deficiency of gray matter and having a much more difficult time in learning. This is also why there’s so many therapeutic benefits to an infrared sauna and there’s a huge trend in people buying infrared lasers and infrared therapies for pain inflammation and sleep. So, melatonin is not just a hormone of darkness but it’s also a hormone of sunshine. The other cool thing about the sun is that even if you have a hat on, the grass, the clouds, the dirt strongly reflects infrared waves…

François Denis
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