Body detox helps the ascension process

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There are several channeled messages that strongly suggest that we cleanse our bodies to promote and accompany our vibratory elevation. Bodies are currently undergoing a transformation and the return to global health requires an evolution of consciousness and an improvement of our behaviors. Cellular ionization promotes metabolic bio-dynamization, which is an excellent way to help the body free itself from its overloads and move towards higher vibrations.

I am sharing with you a short excerpt (5m:37s to 6m:43s) from an Etresouverain publication on this subject:



…Detoxify your body; you require a full-body detoxification. Pesticides, Candida, fungi, heavy metals, parasites, and toxic chemicals can all be discovered in the human body. All of these contaminants inhibit or prevent your physical ascension and DNA enhancement. The severity of ascension symptoms is proportional to the amount of contaminant present in the body. Consume mineral spring water and an abundance of fresh fruits. Eating the proper foods will hydrate, nourish, and detoxify the body. No one said that upgrading from two active DNA helices to twelve active DNA helices could be simple, unmotivated, or spontaneous; whoever said so is a charlatan…

François Denis
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